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Capital Projects

Sportsfield Building

The new Multi-Purpose Facility will be constructed at Tzeachten's community sports field that is widely used by Tzeachten membership and the general public for various sporting events including baseball, soccer and general activities. The objective of Tzeachten’s Sports Field Multi-Purpose Facility & Infrastructure Project is to replace an outdated and inefficient washroom and concession building with a new 3,559 sq. ft. two-storey facility consisting of two multi-person change room & shower facilities; commercial grade kitchen/concession; top floor meeting room and offices; and a 1,671 sq. ft. viewing deck.

The commercial grade kitchen/concession will provide the necessary equipment and facilities to serve large sporting events and activities that currently are not being adequately accommodated.

Upgrading the existing gravel parking lot with proper storm drainage, asphalt and lighting will provide safe access and parking for users of the sports field and facilities. Additional storm water drainage will reduce periodic flooding at the sport field and neighbouring residents.

The top floor meeting room and offices in the new facility will accommodate meeting needs for sport teams and large community and public events. The top floor also provides much needed additional office and meeting space for use by Tzeachten for administering public events and community program service delivery.

The existing building is outdated and provides limited usage benefit for teams/users of the sports field. Overall improvement to the facility and infrastructure will better meet and service the demand by sports field users.