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Chief & Council


Glenda Campbell is one of four children born to Harold and Clara Campbell. Her dad was raised by his grandmother Ida Ensley who was a pioneer of Chilliwack and passed away at the age of 103. Her mom originated from Semiahmoo First Nation and came from a family of 14. Glenda is the proud parent of two children and is blessed with 8 grandchildren. Her immediate family is very small, so having 8 grandchildren will help to carry the family name.

Her main field of work throughout her life was secretarial and social work. She started at Chilliwack Area Indian Council which was amalgamated into Sto:lo Nation. She also worked at the Tzeachten Gas Bar and then went to work for her home community Tzeachten First Nation as the administrator. She ran for the position of councilor in the 1980’s and was successful for each term thereafter and was honoured to be serving as a Tzeachten Councilor. In 2011 she put her name forward to the position of Chief and was successful at serving for the 3 year term. She is very proud to be a Sto:lo person and a member of Tzeachten First Nation and worked along side many great individuals who were also her mentors.

She is the first female to be Chief for Tzeachten and sure she will not be the last.

“I believe in our people, our elders, and our children. This is what inspires me to do this job. Everyone has potential and talent and if we work together we can achieve so much. We are creating a better place for our future generations.”