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Chief & Council


Lawrence's parents were Francis Roberts and Nellie Roberts, his grandparents were Frank Roberts and Madelene(Maggie) (Quilty)-Roberts. Lawrence is a direct descendent of T’welatse. In 2005 Lawrence received the Halqemeylem name “Chi’yalhleq” at the Yakweakwioose Longhouse. The name Chi’yalhleq originated from a great-grand-uncle from Squiala First Nations. The name passed down from an Elder of Tzeachten whom shares the name.

Lawrence was on the committee for the development of Tzeachten Land Code prior to being elected in as Councilor for Tzeachten First Nation 2008. Lawrence is still on the Tzeachten Lands Management and Advisory Committee as an ex-officio member. Lawrence was re-elected as Councilor in April 2011. Lawrence’s portfolio as Councilor is the Elders and Tzeachten representative for the Sto:lo Xwexwilmexw Treaty Association(SXTA) also SXTA Governance/Lands Working Group.

Lawrence, as Councilor of Tzeachten, will work with the Chief and council to the best of his ability for the people of (Chiyaqtel) Tzeachten First Nation.