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Tzeachten Green Community

The Tzeachten Green Community Project is being led by Loren Muth and directed by the Tzeachten Lands Department with support from David Carson of Land Forest People.

The Green Community project raises awareness about the proper disposal of waste and recyclables, while promoting a healthier, greener lifestyle.

We are very proud of our Green Community logo designed by community member Fred L. Jackson.

We will be helping community members recycle by providing information and new blue recycling bins to all members on reserve. Our hope with this is to give members the means to recycle and making it just as easy as taking out your regular waste.

Green Tips

A major aspect of becoming green is learning how to reuse and reduce waste. By visiting websites like pinterest everyone has the ability to discover new ideas for otherwise waste items.

Other ways to help reduce your waste can be found by visiting the City of Chilliwack's website to get a full list of anything recyclable as well as where in the area they can be taken.

Other ways you can reduce your energy and water consumption can be found by clicking on the links.




We have drafted newsletters which have also gone out to membership regarding our plans for this project.

Green Community Newsletter - 1

Green Community Newsletter - 2

Green Community Newsletter - 3