Loren Muth

Councillor Loren Muth

Ey Swayel and Hello, my name is Loren Muth. My parents are Diane McEachern (Kelly) and Brian Muth; and my grandparents are Edward Kelly Jr. and Audrey Rumak. I am part of the Kelly family which originates from Sema:th First Nation. I have lived on Tzeachten First Nation since I was eight years old and have been lucky enough to see how the environment on and off reserve has developed over time.

During my time as a child I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel the world with my parents and siblings. This opportunity lead me to cherish the natural world and connectedness of everything around us. I graduated from University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree with a Major in Physical Geography and a certificate in Berry Production. Upon finishing my degree I realized my passion for Agriculture and food production. This passion took me to the British Columbia Institute of Agrology (BCIA) where I have completed the requirements to become a Professional Agrologist.

I had the opportunity to work for Tzeachten First Nation as both a Lands Officer and a Finance Clerk which has given me insight about the inner workings of the band. This helped fuel my drive to pursue Council. During the 2017 election I put my name forward for council, I was subsequently elected for that term. I look forward to continuing to serve the members for the remainder of my term while promoting self-sustainability and environmental stewardship within the band.