Emergency Preparedness

Since 2014, Tzeachten First Nation has been proactive and has created a very comprehensive and detailed Emergency Preparedness Plan. Having an Emergency Preparedness Plan creates a robust and resilient community. Tzeachten First Nation has the ability, skills and knowledge on how to respond to an event. Ultimately, the Emergency Preparedness Plan will help to mitigate negative impacts on the community if some type of event occurs.

An Emergency Preparedness Committee Team has been created and consists of Chief and Council members, Managers from each department, and members of the community. Tzeachten First Nation has been providing training for committee members and Tzeachten First Nation members on a regular basis.



Tzeachten First Nation Administration works in partnership with several different agencies such as:

Holistic Emergency Preparedness and Response (HEPR), City of Chilliwack and Emergency Management BC (EMBC). HEPR has to come to the community to conduct several Emergency Preparedness training sessions and has strengthened the community’s Emergency Preparedness Plan over the past 4 years.
Semiahmoo First Nation and Tzeachten First Nation have had several joint training opportunities, and Tzeachten First Nation representatives were invited to attend an Emergency Preparedness Drill at Semiahmoo First Nation.

Tzeachten First Nation has an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC), which is located at Tzeachten Sports Field. In 2017, Tzeachten conducted an Evacuation Drill in partnership with the HEPR, City of Chilliwack, EMBC, RCMP and Kinder Morgan. Training is always FREE and recruitment for Emergency Preparedness Committee happens on a continual basis!

For any more information regarding Emergency Preparedness, please do not hesitate to contact the Lands Manager at deanna@tzeachten.ca.