Community Hall FAQ

Is the booking fee a part of the rental fee?

No, the booking fee will not be applied to the rental fee.

Is there going to be a staff member present during the event?

Yes, there is a maintenance staff worker at all times of the event.

Is the kitchen included, if not how much to rent?

The kitchen is typically not included in the rental price but can be included for an additional $262.50 (plus 5% tax).

Can we rent the kitchen alone to cater in?

Yes, we do offer this option to renters.

Do we cater events?

No, we do not cater events.

Where do I purchase insurance for my event?

Hub International Barton’s Insurance Broker’s at 604-703-7070 or any other Insurance Agent.

Where do I purchase a liquor license?

You may purchase a liquor license from a liquor store, 7 days prior to the event. You also require the signed rental agreement and you will have to go to the police station to get a signature. Tzeachten also requires a copy of the liquor license.

Does our facility provide or rent dishes and cutlery?

No, we do not offer this service.

Do we have table clothes and chair covers available for rental?

No, unfortunately we do not.

What are the dimensions of the gym?

108’ 4” long by 74’ wide

Is there a cost if they decorate the day before?

Yes. Please contact the Facility Booking & Maintenance Supervisor in regards to this.

Does Tzeachten have a screen and projector and is there a rental fee or cost?

Yes. $50 for both or $25 separately

Can we come to have a tour of the interior of the building?

Absolutely. To arrange a tour, please call the office at 604-858-3888 and speak to the Facility Booking & Maintenance Supervisor.  Or shoot her an email

Does Tzeachten have a podium?

Yes, we do and there is no charge for use of the podium.

What is the cost of the gym for sports rental and are we allowed to use your equipment?

On a weekly basis, Tzeachten does rent the hall at a discount for sports only rentals. This is only during the night and on Monday to Thursdays. Contact the Facility Booking & Maintenance Supervisor at for further details.