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Community Assistance Benefit Program

The CAB Program began in 1998 due to the implementation of the Tzeachten’s First Nations Sales Tax (FNST) and development of the Vedder Crossing Plaza. Since then the program has grown to be what it is today and offers general benefits to all Tzeachten members.

The program consists of 10 funds which are used to benefit Tzeachten members and improve their quality of life. The specific areas of support include:
Culture and Art
Sports and Recreation (TSRG)
Tzeachten Home Improvements (THIG)*Please note only eligible if On Reserve with CP
Special Sports and Arts Grant

Funeral AssistanceThe CAB funds run on an annual basis following the fiscal year from April 1st to March 31st. Please ensure you have all of your claims submitted by March 31st or you may not be covered.
The CAB program is a reimbursement only program. If you are experiencing financial hardship and have to access one of these funds: Medical, Dental, Education and Funeral Expenses, please contact Tzeachten directly if you’re unable to prepay. Additionally, Tzeachten requires members to pursue other funding options prior to making a claim.

NOTE: No secondhand purchased items will be covered. All items must be purchased from a legitimate company, organization or store.

All receipts must be submitted within the Fiscal Year April 1- March 31.  All CAB submissions can be sent to

If you should have any questions please feel free to contact the Membership and Governance Officer at or call 604-846-4888.

Below you may download our C.A.B. Booklet & a C.A.B. reimbursement form.

CAB Form 2021-2022 (Fillable)

CAB Handbook – Revised March 2021

General Tz – Direct Deposit Request – Electronic Signature

First Nations Health Authority:

The Health Benefits Program covers six benefit areas:

Health Benefits Guide:

For a quick overview of the benefits provided and how to access them see the Health Benefits Guide page.

Health Benefit Guide: FNHA Health Benefits Guide

Contact Health Benefits:

Phone (toll-free):

Mailing Address:
FNHA Health Benefits
#540 – 757 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1A1

PBC Coverage Booklets

Vision Fee Supplement –  Click Here

Pharmacy Fee Supplement – Click Here

Hearing Fee Supplement – Click Here

Dental Fee Supplement – Click Here

Orthodontic Fee Supplement – Click Here

Medical Supplies and Equipment  Fee Supplement – Click Here

BC Elders’ Guide for Aboriginal and First Nations Elders:

This unique health and lifestyle resource is based on the BC Seniors’ Guide and is specifically designed for First Nations and Aboriginal Elders.

The BC Elders’ Guide provides information on provincial and federal programs and community and local resources, with sections on health, lifestyle, housing, transportation, finances, benefits, safety and security, and other services.

In the guide, Elders share their secrets to aging well, including eating traditional foods and staying active through hunting and fishing. The guide also addresses the importance of nurturing spirit through being engaged in community life and a reminder to keep tobacco use ceremonial.

The guide was developed to ensure that Elders, their families and caregivers have access to information about the programs, services and resources that are essential to their health and wellness.

BC Elders Guide

Member Distribution:

Keep an eye out in November for the 2022 Distribution forms