Tzeachten Youth Council (TYC)

The Tzeachten Youth Council (TYC) strives to be positive voices and role models for our youth. We continue to focus on regaining our culture and traditions, build respect and lasting bonds with our own and surrounding communities and protect our lands. Each of the members of TYC come with a variety of experience, knowledge and skills. TYC is very motivated to take on new initiatives for the betterment of our youth and community.


Tzeachten Lands Advisory Committee (TLMAC)

The purpose of the Tzeachten Lands Management Advisory Committee is to:

  • Advise Council and the Lands Manager of a Tzeachten Land Administration System
  • Advise Council and Tzeachten Staff on matters respecting Tzeachten Lands
  • Recommend to Council Laws, Council Resolutions, policies and procedures respecting Tzeachten Lands, as per Tzeachten Land Code
  • Subject to Part 10 (Dispute Resolution), of the Tzeachten Land Code, hold meetings of members and other meetings to discuss issues relating to Tzeachten Lands and make recommendations to Council on the resolution of such issues.
  • Assist in the exchange of information between members and Council regarding Tzeachten Lands matters.
  • Oversee other consultations under the Tzeachten Land Code.
  • Perform such other duties and functions as Council may direct.

The Composition of the Group:

  • The committee is comprised of seven member appointed by Council
  • Council will try to ensure representation of a broad diversity of the Tzeachten community in making appointments to the committee
  • A quorum of the committee is at least four members


Finance and Audit Committee

Tzeachten Finance and Audit Committee is established to provide Council with advice and recommendations in order to support Council’s decision-making process respecting the financial administration of Tzeachten First Nation.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Annually develop and recommend to the Council for approval, short, medium and long term projections and priorities for strategic, operational, business and financial plans
  • Review draft annual budgets and recommend them to Council for approval
  • On an ongoing basis, monitor the financial performance against the budget and report any significant variations to the Council
  • Review the quarterly financial statements and recommend them to the Council for approval

The committee will review and make recommendations to Council for the following audit activities in respect of the financial administration of Tzeachten First Nation:

  • Audited annual financial statements, including the audited local revenue account financial statements and any special purpose reports
  • Receive assurances on the independence of proposed auditors


Tzeachten Advisory Committee

The role of the Tzeachten Advisory Committee (TAC) is to communicate with their family members and provide feedback on ideas and advise Council on its direction, policies and services as they affect the community. The committee reports to Tzeachten’s Council.

The Composition of TAC includes:

  • TAC shall consist of one or two representives from each of the families of Tzeachten
  • Chief and Council may authorise additional family representation to the TAC, if in their opinion, a breakdown in communication between family members affects the flow of information sharing