éy swáyel siyá:ye —

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That’s “hello friend” in Halq'eméylem

We’re glad you’re here

For many years we've been known by our English name, Tzeachten. As a contribution to preserving, revitalizing, and strengthening Indigenous histories, languages, and cultures, we're returning to our original ancestral name, Ch’íyáqtel.

Rooted in resourcefulness, perseverance, and stewardship, we’re invested in contributing to economic growth through collaborative partnerships with the city of Chilliwack and the BC government while respecting and honouring the needs of the Ch’íyáqtel people. Our established businesses, rental facilities, and housing developments have significantly benefited our members and the wider Chilliwack and Sardis community. We remain committed to our heritage, honouring and preserving the past while evolving toward a thriving, prosperous future.

Celebrating our culture

Preserving our heritage

Sustaining our community

We are Ch’íyáqtel Tzeachten

Originally the Ch-ihil-kway-uhk Tribe and affiliated with the Stó꞉lō Nation, Ch’íyáqtel means “the place of the fish weir”. There are currently 728 members, and Halq'eméylem is our native language. Our ancestors named us “keepers of traditional territories” entrusting us to protect the valuable land that runs through the neighbourhood of Sardis adjacent to the Chilliwack/Vedder River.

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Driving the local economy

Our enterprises

Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) owns the Vedder Crossing Plaza located at Vedder and Promontory. Bear Image Productions and the Vedder Shell gas station are just a couple examples of other viable businesses operated on Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) land. Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) is also home to a number of residential developments, including Halcyon Meadows, Stoney Creek, Avonlea, Promontory Lake Estates, Ensley Estates,  Englewood Village,  Malloway Village, Base 10, The Station Apartments, Skynest, Iron Horse, Amberwood, AndMar Developments, Selomas Mobile Home Park, Maple Meadows Mobile Home Park, Steetaws and River Rock.

Securing our future

Creating affordable housing

Through a partnership with the provincial government and BC Housing, Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) built a 23 unit rental complex enabling more members to return home to be close to family and friends. This is the first project of this size, and allows us to build and expand on Ch’íyáqtel’s (Tzeachten) long-term plan to provide better access to safe and affordable housing for the membership community.

Strengthening the community

Ch’íyáqtel sports complex

Our state-of-the-art Sports Complex is available for the entire city of Chilliwack to use and enjoy. Located on Matheson Road, Ch’íyáqtel’s (Tzeachten’s) sports field has two multi-purpose fields available for individuals, teams, and leagues to rent for soccer, baseball, children’s events, and birthday parties.

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a soccer goal sitting on top of a lush green field
3 Soccer fields
a baseball field that has a baseball field in the middle of it
3 Baseball diamonds
a building with a green roof in a field
Concession facility
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