Lands Registration in the First Nation Lands Registry System 
Land Staff registers leases, sub-leases, assignments, mortgages, discharges, death certificates, permits, easements, rights of ways, court orders, name change, and provides proof of land title, and other documents as requested.



Individual Land Holdings

Individual Land Holdings under the Tzeachten Land Code: land transfers, assist with survey requests, research on individual land titles, updating titles, allotments of land, resolving internal boundary disputes, encumbrance checks and general inquiries.

Leases & Permits

Provide advice on leases and permits, information on lands management policies and procedures; assist Tzeachten members with various leases such as recreational, residential, commercial, and industrial.

Land Estates

Provide assistance to Tzeachten members when settling an estate where Tzeachten land is involved. Assist with the required documentation to transfer the land, appointing an administrator, provide information so that members can write their own wills.


Provide members with land related workshops for example: Realtors, Wills & Estates, and Environmental.

Environmental Management

Following the procedures set out by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), ensure that projects are considered in a careful and precautionary manner so that they do not cause significant adverse environmental effects to Tzeachten Lands.

Inventory Database of Tzeachten Lands

These are some of the categories of information that are maintained on behalf of Tzeachten: Lot #, Evidence of Title, Legal Description, Lease, Sub-Lease, Permits, Street Address, Building Types, and Current Land Use

Deanna Honeyman
Lands Manager
Phone: 604-858-3888