The Ch’íyáqtel Community guides our economic development

“Chiyaqtel First Nation remains the keepers of our traditional territories, this responsibility being passed on to us by our ancestors and exercised through sound cultural, environmental, and social-economic stewardship.”

Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) has established strategic economic development goals to expand its sources of revenues and reduce financial dependence on government funding for its members’ social, cultural, and economic well-being.

Several competitive advantages drive Ch’íyáqtel’s (Tzeachten) economic development success

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The seven hundred acres of land.

Strong and stable entrepreneurial governance and leadership.

Effective and successful joint partnerships with other Aboriginal Communities and Non-Aboriginal Businesses.

Land Leases, Land Development and Tax Base:

Ch’íyáqtel’s (Tzeachten) Land base is approximately seven hundred (700) acres. Certificate of Possession Holders owns the majority of it. However, in the interest of economic development, Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) has established extremely favorable land planning and development laws through our Land Code. These laws support and encourage the Certificate of Possession Holders’ economic development aspirations to enter long-term joint partnerships in development and land leases. The results are strong economic development activities within Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) First Nation’s land base.

Chief and Council have enacted supportive economic development planning Laws and Policies such as:

⬩ Land use plan
⬩ Zoning and subdivision law and policies
⬩ Development design guidelines
⬩ Taxation law and procedures
⬩ Support of individual Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) entrepreneurs

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Economic Development Through Ts’elxwéyeqw Tribe Limited Partnership:

⬩ Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) First Nation is economically in partnership with six other Ts’elxwéyeqw Tribe Communities through the Ts’elxwéyeqw Limited Partnership, which owns the following businesses:

⬩ Ts’elxwéyeqw Forestry Limited Partnership – Forestry Wood Lot at Chilliwack Valley
⬩ Centre Creek Limited Partnership – Spiritual Treatment Centre
⬩ Ts’elxwéyeqw Tribe Management Ltd – 160 acres of Agricultural Land
⬩ Seven Generations Environmental Consulting Ltd – Environmental Consulting Services Business

⬩ Through the Ts’elxwéyeqw Tribe, Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) asserts our inherent right and title to our traditional territory, bringing economic development opportunities. Ch’íyáqtel (Tzeachten) will continue to work in collaboration with the Ts’elxwéyeqw Tribe to ensure we are both protecting and utilizing our traditional territory within our cultural and traditional values while balancing the need to continue to expand avenues for our source revenue.

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