Culture & language

Tzeachten First Nations traditional language is Halq’eméylem. The Halq’eméylem name for Tzeachten is Ch’iyaqtel meaning fish weir. We are teaching the Halq’eméylem language within the community as part of the revitalization, renewel and revival of the Sto:lo language. This is open to all of our community.

Fishing is still a major livelihood for our people. Our people fish in the summer months for food. The fish we catch are Sockeye, Spring and Dog Salmon and on some occasions Eulachon. Our Elders spend a couple of days in the Tzeachten kitchen canning fish for the winter.

During the winter months some of our members participate in the longhouse. We do not have a long house in our community but we do from time to time hold ceremonies in our hall.

As singing and drumming is a large part of our culture, we are currently working on getting a drum group together to create a Tzeachten Song to use at community meetings and events.

A small sample of some common phrases is included below:

Good Day
How are you?
I am fine
Thank you
What is your name?
Ey Swayel
Li chexw we eyo
Tsel we eyo
Kw’as hoy
Tewat te’ skwix


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