Kenneth Malloway

Kenneth MallowayFormerly:

Served as Councillor and Chief of Tzeachten for many years.

Councillor for Yakweakwioose.

President of Sto:lo Nation.

Special Chiefs Council of Sto:lo Nation.

Fisheries Portfolio for Sto:lo Nation.

Management Committee for Lower Fraser Fisheries Authority.

Management Committee for CN Twin Tracking court case.

Chair of Interior Indian Fisheries Commission.

Co chair of BC Aboriginal Fisheries Commission.

Speaker for BC Aboriginal Fisheries Commission.

Co chair of the Aboriginal Council of BC.

Co chair of the AFN National Fisheries Committee.

Many committees for fisheries and land claims.


Tzeachten Council

Kwaw Kwaw Apilt Council.

Chair of Sto:lo Tribal Council Fisheries Committee.

Chair of Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance.

Main Table of Fraser Salmon Management Committee.

Independent Chair of Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat.

Chair of Fraser Valley Aboriginal Fisheries Society.

President of the First Nations Fisheries Council.

Fraser Panel member of the Pacific Salmon Commission.

Executive member of the Pacific Salmon Commission First Nations Caucus.

Co chair of the Chinook Strategic Planning Initiative.

Serve on several Fisheries Committees and Working Groups.

Hereditary Chief of Chilliwack Tribe.

Grand Chief.