Mel Williams Jr.

Councillor Melvin Williams Jr

Melvin S. Williams II (Kwelikwitum) is the son of Melvin & Gloria Williams and grandson of Stanley & Yvonne Joe of Tzeachten. His xwelmexw name is Kwelikwitum who he shares with his father and first born son Melvin III. Melvin has three children and is married to Melanie Williams (Tixwelatsyia). Melvin was elected onto council for his first term, April 1, 2014, he was asked by his family to run for council.

Melvin currently works in the the lumber industry as a grader/sawyer. Melvin is a hard worker and takes his work seriously. He takes pride in any work he puts his mind to whether it be work, in a meeting or favours for family and friends.

Melvin has a strong belief in his Culture. He follows his teachings, goes to the longhouse, drums and sings, and has been a fisherman. Melvin also is a sportsman, he enjoys playing soccer and slo-pitch. He cares a lot about his community, family and friends. He is always willing to help, support and guide when he is needed.

Melvin would like to see Tzeachten be self reliant and would like to see more of our Sto:lo culture within the community.

“I am here to listen and be a voice for our members and would like to ensure we accomplish what the Tzeachten Community Members want and need. We as council are here to think what is best for our future generations and the ones here now.”