Youth Council

Tzeachten Youth Council Mandate/Purpose

Tzeachten Youth Council (TYC) strives to be positive voices and role models for our youth. We continue to focus on regaining our culture and traditions, build respect and lasting bonds with our own and surrounding communities and protect our lands. Each of the members of TYC come with a variety of experience, knowledge and skills. TYC is very motivated to take on new initiatives for the betterment of our youth and community.

The Tzeachten Youth Council (TYC) has been running since 2018.  We would like to thank all the current and previous TYC members for their hard work over the years to ensure the Tzeachten Youth have a voice in the community.

The Current Youth Councilors are:

Ashley Kinkead

Hayden Guilderson

Jaime Ritchie