The Tzeachten Administration Office and Community Centre is located at:

45855 Promontory Road

Chilliwack, B.C. V2R 0H3

Telephone: 604-858-3888

Fax: 604-858-3382

General inquiries email:

Contact Email(s) for Staff:

James Atebe, General Manager:

Jolene Irons-McDivitt:

Gina Malloway, Administrative Clerk:

Kathy Malloway, Administrative Clerk:

Lori Falys, Director of Finance:

Carrie Ritchie, Finance Officer:

Jennifer Janik, Finance Officer:

Jessica Janik, Finance Clerk:

Antonia Malloway, Programs & Events Supervisor:

Emily Louie-Fillardeau, Programs and Events Clerk:

Danny Tourville, Property & Public Works Manager:

Patreece Desnomie, PPW Admin Officer:

Brandy Weisbrod, Governance & Membership Officer:

Deanna Honeyman, Lands and Taxation Manager:

Crystal Thiessen, Lands and Taxation Officer:

Hayden Guilderson, Lands Officer:

Contact Email(s) for Chief & Council:

Chief Derek Epp:

Councillor Loren Muth: