Economic Development

Vedder Crossing Plaza

Vedder Crossing Plaza is a commercial shopping mall development with 24 business units. Vedder Crossing Plaza is a 49 year lease. The lease term expires February 28, 2045.

Shxw Kwimel Cha Management LTD. (SML)

Tzeachten Chief and Council incorporated Shxw Kwimel Cha Management Ltd (SML) in 2012 as an Economic Development vehicle for Tzeachten First Nation.  The mandate of SML is to identify, attract, encourage the development and expansion of economic development opportunities for Tzeachten.  To this end, SML strives to grow and increase all types of own-source revenues to ensure Tzeachten is capable of funding a wide range of social, economic and cultural programs and services for its own membership.

SML is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of seven members with a wide range of interdisciplinary skills, backgrounds and experiences with respect to Economic Development.  The profile of the current SML members’ skill sets include but not limited to the following: legal, land developer, Investor, political leadership, and economic developer.

The key goals of SML are as follows:

  1. To expand and strengthen Tzeachten’s economic development opportunities.
  2. To increase and diversify own sources of revenues for Tzeachten First Nation.
  3. To promote and increase Tzeachten’s financial independence.
  4. To support and advise Tzeachten Chief and Council in this regard, successfully achieving economic and financial jurisdiction or control

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