All registrations will be sent for registration in the First Nations Lands Registry System (FNLRS) which is maintained by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada in Ottawa, Ontario. The FNLRS is an electronic – web based registry system which automatically generates a registration number once the document is submitted. Internal requirements for all registrations:
  • All documents that are submitted for registration must be accompanied by one of the Tzeachten First Nation (FN) Registration Forms and applicable fees & GST.
  • The forms must be completed and signed by the agent, law/notary office and include the payment for registration.
  • All unsigned applications will be returned to the sender as we cannot act as the agent on the file.
  • The Tzeachten FN Lands Office requires at least 2 original copies of the application and document, one copy will be returned to the applicable office upon registration and the other will be retained for the Tzeachten FN Lands files.

Tzeachten Lands Register Forms

TZFN-01 Transfer of Interest CP

TZFN-02-A General Instrument Part 1 Member

TZFN-02-B General Instrument Part 1 – Non Member

TZFN-03 Mortgage – Part 1

TZFN-04 Other Registerable Instruments – Part 1

TZFN-09 – Schedule

Property Transfer Tax Remitance Form

Tzeachten Fee Schedule – as of November 19 ,2018

Leah Kroeker

Lands Officer

Phone: 604-846-4888

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