Sports field FAQ

Will there be someone to open the washrooms?

Yes, there is field maintenance to open the facilities prior to the booking.

Do I have to line the fields or is this provided?

Tzeachten lines the fields at the beginning of the season. We expect renters to reline the fields to ensure clean lines, all season long.

Are Friday nights included in the weekend rental?

No, Friday night is not included. Rental is hourly and each field is separate.

How many baseball fields are there?

2 baseball fields. 1 is under the lights and 1 is not.

How many soccer fields are there?

2 soccer fields. 1 is under the lights and 1 is not.

How much does it cost to use the lights?

Please contact for current rates

What’s the availability for baseball games or soccer fields?

All fields are booked by calling 604-858-3888 or email

Can we have the gates open an hour before the event begins?

Yes; please request this when booking the fields.

Is there a speaker system available at the fields? If so what is the cost or fee?

No, not yet. We are looking into the possibility of having them in the future

What time slots are available for games on week days and weekends?

We try to cater to the renters schedule. For more information call 604-858-3888 or email

Are the fields open or closed due to the weather?

The fields are closed when it’s raining too much or due to snow to protect the fields as repairs are costly.

Can the sports field be rented for events other than sporting events such as a BBQ or public event as a children’s festival etc.?

Yes as long as the fields are not damaged

Is there washroom facilities or change rooms available?

Yes there are washrooms available however change rooms haven’t been built yet.

Is there a concession available and is there a cost to use the concession if so who cleans the concession?

Yes there is a concession. Rates are $20 per (plus tax) or $120 for the day (plus tax). There is also $150 damage deposit.